KAMU SM Government Certification Authority

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Government services are becoming much easier to obtain at your home or offi ce with just a tiny little token that is made by The Government Certifi cation Authority.

Owing to the perfection of BİLGEM on data security and the technology of electronic signature, the Government Certifi cation Authority known as “KAMU SM” which is the unique government CA, serves accordingly The Electronic Signature Law No.5070 within BİLGEM.

KAMU SM was estabished in 2005 and now performs operations like electronic signature services that makes authentication of the person electronically, PKI works and applications of e-signature where crucial security requirements are satisfied professionally.

In accordance with the relevant law, KAMU SM produces proff essional electronic signature with the tools which help with the signing and importing of all the staff into the safe electronic signature tokens and then consigns them to the users.

Besides, KAMU SM uses secure systems and takes all necessary precautions during. The gathering of users confi dential information, issuing and consigning certifi cate processes to avoid certifi cate counterfeiting and falsifi cation.

e-Signature (QC)
According to the Electronic Signature Law No.5070 published on January 15, 2004, secure electronic signatures are given by authorized Electronic Certifi cate Service Providers will have the same legal effect as that of a handwritten signature. The e-signature certifi cate that was issued in accordance with the relevant law, makes ratifi cation procedures performed on computer or in electronic form have a legal basis, and eliminates paper. People who want to check on declaration of intent, the institution’s electronic fi le system, online services, e-government services can use e-signatures. Using an electronic signature, ensures online transactions have as much legal basis as of paperwork. Institutions or persons with QC take advantage of using an electronic signature by saving time, money and eff ort.

The e-Signature Compliance Evaluation Service 
The Government Certifi cation Authority, supervises government entities’s compliance for Qualifi ed Electronic Certifi cate (QC) or mobile signature on request. Dated April 19, 2006 and 2006/13 numbered “Procedures and Principals for Government Certifi cation Services” charged Government Certifi cation Authority to audit government entities for their compliance over e-signature applications. Legislation predicts that government entities should be evaluated with respect to some certain technical details. Evaluating the compliance of the applicant government entities related to their e-signature applications or mobile signature applications should be performed in accordance with international technical standards. The Government Certifi cation Authority takes this obligation as its substantive responsibility in order to spread e-signature utilization. The Government Certifi cation Authority, also provides a technical consulting service for integrating e-signature libraries and a training service for institutional clients.

Corporate Seal Certificates
The Corporate Seal Electronic Certificate Server was founded and operated by The Government Certification Authority in order to provide electronic certificates to legal entities, corporations and institutions on account of Revenue Administration (GİB). Corporate Seal Certificates are used for financial arrangements regarding Tax Law and guarantee an institutional data’s integrity, sources and content. Confidentiality and security is ensured in the process of saving and sending data. Government Certification Authority issues two types of Corporate Seal Certificates that are Fiscal Seal Certificate (FSC) and Security Services Certificate (SSC). The certificates, which include a user title and taxpayer ID, have the ability to seal and encipher data such as e-bills and other documents allowed by the legislation. Seal Certificates are used on e-Bill, e-Register and e-Ticket portals.

The timestamp service, provided by Kamu SM in accordance with the Electronic Signature Law No.5070, is a digital data method that verifies the exact time when the data is created, changed, sent, delivered or saved by using Qualified Electronic Certificate. The Government Certificate Authority provides a timestamping service to anyone who requests.

Timestamping proves if certain data exists at a certain time and ensures it cannot be changed by using a Public Key Infrastructure which proves the existence and integrity of the data. In today’s life it is vital to prove the time for some business applications, e- government and e-commerce. In addition to this, a drawing, design, photography, thoughts, research, formulas, algorithm, like a book which need to obtain the right to use intellectual property and intellectual property for all kinds of electronic data can be time-stamped.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate provides secure communication on the Internet or on the Intranet server and the terminal computer. The SSL certificate prevents monitoring by third parties and provides confidentiality. SSL certificate is used by many institutions’ web pages by using cryptographic algorithm bags. SSL protects the personal information of users to be captured by another person or to be changed and it is used as a barrier to prevent fraud. The most common usage of SSL certificates can be listed as online shopping, banking, e-government applications, web mail applications that require high security for data transmission. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), is a technology which provides encrypted connection between the client and the server. This technology ensures integrity of the data sent and received over the link.