IYON SUITE / Forensic Image Enhancement & Restoration SW

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  • Update with Novel Methods

The application is not limited to the present image enhancement methods and algorithms. Due to the ability of adding novel methods as plug-ins, the methods and algorithms can always be updated, included or excluded to satisfy the current requirements.

  • Defining New Methods in Block Applications

While enhancing distorted images, usage of multiple methods may be required in certain cases. The developed application has the capability of combining many methods into a single method and by this feature, which is called Block Application, the user is provided with creative and flexible solutions.

IYON SUITE presents solutions and tools as a software package in the field of image and video processing. This software has advanced video/image filters that are designed dedicatedly for needs of criminal image investigation labs.

IYON SUITE for video and images:

  • Enhancement/Reparation
  • Focus distortion/Noise removal
  • Geometric distortion removal
  • Interpolation/Dimensional change
  • Compaction error removal
  • Video fixation
  • Domain conversion
  • Video moving estimation
  • More than 70 advanced filters, for instance, super resolution filters

It is distinguished from similar softwares with following features:

  • Block-based filter interface
  • Advanced ability of adding new algorithms as plug-ins
  • Advanced tools for image/video processing