IR-DMAS / IR Measurement Database Management & Analysis Software

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IR Data Management and Analysis Software (IR-DMAS) addresses well known issues of IR data recording, management and analysis and provides a unique solution satisfying both operational and engineering level military requirements through the integration of planning, measurement, analysis and reporting phases of IR signature measurement campaigns. IR-DMAS can be customized in accordance with user requirements. Different language options are available on user demand.


  • Association of multi-modal, multi-format fragmented data via a well-defined information model
  • Systematic way of capturing meta data
  • Well defined procedure for recording vital auxiliary information
  • Automatic data correlation
  • Raw image processing for multiple camera types
  • Archiving, management and reporting of full analysis data including vital contextual information
  • Shorter analysis times, more reliable analysis results
  • Database connected operation – Automatic transfer of parameters from database via query interface
  • Database connected planning – Automatic transfer of parameters from planning interface to database
  • User specific database (IR cameras, filters, lenses, station/location)
  • User specific analysis by defining user specific formula definitions
  • Powerful data exchange capabilities: Import / export interfaces
  • User friendly and flexible user interface

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.