HİSAR / Communication and Signal Processing Research Laboratory

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Communication and Signal Processing Research Laboratory (HİSAR) is a research laboratory that enables interdisciplinary studies with the hardware/software co-design principle to provide the most suitable cross-layer (L1/L2/L3) communication technologies in the field of next generation communication technologies. HİSAR, which will significantly increase the R&D capabilities of Turkey in the area of wireless communication technologies, provides a laboratory infrastructure for experimenting different aspects of heterogenous wireless networks. Within the scope of HİSAR, the research infrastructure for the R&D activities of 3rd generation and 4th generation (such as 3G, LTE) and 5th generation and beyond wireless communication technologies that are currently being standardized will be established. Furthermore, the development of next generation communication technologies in accordance with commercial and military requirements are being investigated. With HİSAR, high value added national mobile communication systems will be developed and research will be carried out for R&D projects in an ecosystem including universities and industry companies in order to ensure the R&D activities to become widespread throughout the country.

Several ongoing research topics within HİSAR framework concentrate on different aspects of wireless communications such as:

▪ Statistical Channel Modeling and Algorithm Design for Visible Light Communication, mmWave and Terahertz Band Communication
▪ Spectrum Sensing, Signal Identification, Parameter Estimation, Classification and Location/Direction Finding for Wideband Spectrum based on Intelligent Statistical Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
▪ Communication with Drone Base Stations
▪ Secure Communication for IoT Systems
▪ System Analysis and Optimization for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks