DerinGÖRÜ Facial Recogbition and Smart Turnstile System

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Biometric methods are the safest way to control the passage of unauthorized persons at certain points. The facial recognition method is the easiest and most reliable of these methods. Thanks to its contact-free structure, the facial recognition system has distinct advantages compared to other biometric systems using fingerprint, palm print, and iris. DerinGÖRU Facial Recognition and Intelligent Turnstile System makes the card access systems used in the facilities stronger by using face recognition technology.

DerinGÖRÜ is used operationally in the turnstiles at the entrance of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM New Research&Development Building. DerinGÖRÜ is designed to be easily integrated into existing Personnel Tracking and Turnstile systems, it can operate in different lighting environments, it is compatible with existing wiegand protocols and has realtime face recognition.

▪ Real-Time Face Recognition and Tracking
▪ Compatible with Wiegand/RS485 Protocols
▪ 15,000+ Face Signature Storage Capacity
▪ 100.000+ Transition Log Storage capacity
▪ Easy Integration & Deployment for Existing Personnel Tracking and Turnstile Systems
▪ Ability to Perform under Night, Day and Poor Illumination Conditions
▪ Ability to Perform with Various Face Types with Hair, Beard, Turban, and Glasses.
▪ Face Recognition Process Support with Built-in Color LCD Display
▪ Liveness Detection and Anti-Spoofing Capability
▪ Dual Camera and Active Lighting
▪ Offline Working Capability
▪ Automatic Initialization
▪ Compact/Small Size and Modern Design
▪ Remote Management/Configuration Support with REST Services
▪ User-Friendly Access Control Management Software