AKIS - Smart Card Operating System

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Smart Card Operating System is a firmware in ROM or flash memory, which communicates securely with the outer world via several standards (ISO 7816, ISO 14443) and makes it possible to store and manage data in a secure way using several enciphering methods supplied by the smart card firmware.

AKİS (Smart Card Operating System), is a national operating system developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM UEKAE and it operates information security, ID recognition, digital signature and secure information exchange applications on smart card chips.


A smart card module consists of a microprocessor, memory, and a crypto engine. Comprised of only one chip, it has contact-based and/or contactless communication with the outer world while consuming minimum power. When smart card modules are bonded onto PVC, PET or PC cards, the resulting product is called a smart card.

Smart card hardware units are;

  • Microcontroller (microcomputer) unit
  • File system memory (permanent EEPROM, transient RAM)
  • Crypto engine for encryption/signature operations
  • Communication unit to communicate with the environment (contact-based or contactless)


  • Communication with a card reader by using ISO 7816 (contact-based) and ISO 14443 (contactless)
  • ISO 7816 and ICAO 9303 (passport) instruction set support.
  • Secure messaging
  • Symmetric and asymmetric encryption techniques (3DES, RSA, AES)
  • Digital signature (RSA)
  • Proprietary File Management System
  • Proprietary Memory Management System
  • Secure key management and structured security architecture
  • Role-based access
  • PC/SC, PKCS11, CSP support
  • CC EAL 4+ certificate
  • Supports UKTÜM, Infineon and NXP chips