Seminar on the History and Philosophy of Science in Ancient and Medieval Ages

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Prof. Talip Alp, a member of TÜBİTAK Science Board, gave a seminar on the History and Philosophy of Science in Ancient and Medieval Ages on 26 February of 2016 at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Yılmaz Tokad Conference Hall. Great number of people from TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, MAM and UME participated in the event.

The speaker mainly focused on the book Introduction to the History of Science by George Sarton. In his speech, the professor stated that today’s civilization dates back to ancient times and has been built upon with the contributions of all people. Touching on the civilizations that have reached up to date such as Mesopotamian, Mediterranean, Indian, Central Asian and Chinese, Prof. Talip Alp said that these civilizations have turned their observations and experiences they have acquired throughout history into science. Additionally, the speaker mentioned the contributions made by scholars and scientists including Socrates, Plato, Omar Khayyam, al-Haresm and Abul Vafa.  He also emphasized that with Islam, scientific researches resurged and scientists of Islamic civilizations from 7th century to the midst of the 13th century have formed the basis of western Renaissance.

Interested in Physical Metallurgy, Materials Science and the performance of engineering materials, Prof. Talip Alp has been a member of TÜBİTAK Science Board as of 12 September of 2011.