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YTKDL / Software Test and Quality Assessment Laboratory

Software Test and Quality Assessment Laboratory (YTKDL) was established in January of 2010 with the objective of conducting test and quality assessment activities of software projects. 

The center aspires to meet test and quality assessment needs of software projects in both national and international scale by checking conformity to international software standards. Software test and quality assessment activities carried out in YTKDL aim at contributing to the software quality by detecting possible defects in the early phases of the projects.

TEMPEST Test Laboratory

TEMPEST Test Laboratory conducts tests of equipment, systems and platforms processing classified data in accordance with the NATO standard SDIP 27/1 “NATO TEMPEST Requirements and Evaluation Procedures”.

  • Equipment and system tests are carried out using Fully Anechoic Chambers while platform tests are conducted on site.

The activities conducted at TEMPEST Test Laboratory are:

RAPSİM / Radar Performance and Signature Analysis Laboratory

RAPSİM, having its name from the acronym of the Turkish title corresponding to ‘Radar Performance and Signature Analysis Centre’ was founded within BİLGEM (Informatics and Information Security Research Center) in TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) with the aim of assessing the wind turbine effects on military and civilian electronic systems on March 1 of 2011.

Cryptanalysis Laboratory

Cryptanalysis Laboratory carries out the cryptanalysis activities under Vice Presidency of Testing and Evaluation (TDBY). In Cryptanalysis Laboratory, cryptographic security of information security solutions for military, public and private institutions/organizations are being studied by expert cryptographers since 1995.

KGHS / Continuous and Secure Communication System


Before, during, and after a disaster and/or emergency case, at pilot areas, develop a continuous and secure communication infrastructure
in order to

  • Coordinate institutions which will take charce during disasters and/or emergency cases to fulfill their duties
  • Communicate message collection and dissemination system, warning and alarm system, early warning system, and so forth.


PLANSİS / Disaster & Emergency Management Plan Preperation and Control System

Within the scope of Turkey-Ready for Disaster Project; what is intended to achieve is a disaster plan control system that could (apart from ensuring a distance education and allowing for indoor risk analysis) ensure that Disaster and Emergency Management Plans at schools within the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education can be

İKAS / Warning and Alarm Integrated System

The objective is to establish;

  • Message Distribution System (HAY),
  • Warning and Alarm System (İAS),
  • Warning with Message System (MUS)

aimed to caution nation and organizations that will be assigned in case of emergency, about;

  • Enemy attacks,
  • KBRN dangers,
  • Disasters.

Warning with Message System (MUS)

News will be published from mobile phones and social media in order to inform nation before, during and after the disasters.

B3LAB / Safir Devops

Safir DevOps solution of Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) provides environments, services and tools required during the software development and operations processes on Safir Infrastructure to software development and operations teams by providing fast and trouble-free operation of DevOps in software projects.

The following solutions are available within the Safir DevOps process:


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