Wireless Communication Technologies Research Laboratory

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Wireless Communication Technologies Research Laboratory (KİTAL), which was established at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM under the sponsorship of Ministry of Development, aims at providing an infrastructure that will support industryleading efforts in this critical area. KİTAL, which will significantly increase the R&D capabilities of Turkey in the area of wireless communication technologies, provides a laboratory infrastructure for experimenting different aspects of heterogenous networks. It will include equipments for R&D activities of both 3rd and 4th generation technologies (3G, LTE, etc.) and 5th generation technologies (LTE-A, 802.11ad, etc.) whose standardization has been going on. KİTAL will also provide infrastructure for R&D of next generation tactical wireless communication technologies towards enabling “Network Centric Warfare”. KİTAL infrastructure will be made open to universities and companies to support wireless communication R&D activities in Turkey.

Several ongoing projects within KİTAL framework concentrate on different aspects of wireless communications research. 

  • OFDM based 4G-5G mobile broadband wireless system project
  • Outdoor wireless mobile mesh network project
  • Detailed real-time emulation of heteregenous wireless systems project