Bioelectronic Devices and System Development

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Bioelectronic Devices and System Development

BILGEM, as an institute of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), has one of the best infrastructures in Turkey, and performs cutting-edge research and product development particularly on optoelectronic and microelectronic areas. BILGEM has a highly advanced and well equipped “Biomedical Electronics Devices and Systems Development Group” which has been established as a consequence of bringing together its competencies in opto-electronics and software engineering with its expertise in chemistry-biology-nanotechnology.

In various fields like medicine, environmental control and food security; there is an increasing demand for on-site detection, fast identification and urgent response which brings the necessity to employ laboratory detection procedures on standalone automatic devices. In response to that TUBITAK BILGEM’s Bioelectronic Devices and Systems Group has been developing portable and fully automated biosensor devices using optical and electrochemical biosensor detection techniques.

Developed systems and the devices

MiSens™; is a mobile, fully automated biosensor device, that can be used in vehicles or on a desk. Can be controlled from the remote control app on a tablet PC or its’ on-device touch screen with minimal training of the user. Includes easy-to- use biochips (Patent Application No. PCT/IB2015/052479).

BiSens™; is a handheld, on-site biosensor equipment, which allows the detection of analytes without any necessity of an expert user or a laboratory owing to its single use cartridge system.

SOBE™; is an optical, handheld, transcutaneous bilirubin measurement device which helps in the diagnosis of jaundice seen in the newborn babies (design patent application No. 2015/01029).